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Main Services​

Tree Services

We Provide Various Tree Services, that include tree trimming, cutting, reshaping and replanting. Depending on the job we use a series of techniques and different equipment to efficiently do the job. Finally we then cleanup any debris left.


We pride ourselves when it comes to mulch services. We first inspect the area we will be applying mulch in so that we can give our clients an accurate proposal. We then ask them their preferences in mulch quality and color, so that they are satisfied.

Home Lawn Care

At Ortiz Tree Services & Landscaping we don’t only specialize in trees! We also offer our great and affordable Lawn Care service. This service consists of various elements, such as grass cutting, bush trimming, flower bed cleaning, & more!

Commercial Care

Ortiz Tree Services & Landscaping also provides commercial services for local businesses in the Houston area. We work with you and accommodate to your needs to make your business look as good as the services it provides.

Stones & Deck

When it comes to deck paving or placing stones in your garden it needs to be done professionally to ensure that your garden or deck wont have any unbalances. Using the material of your choice, we make your deck your way.

Fence Repair

We are a little different at Ortiz, because not only do we take care of your garden and trees but we also repair your backyard fence! Thats right, we offer fence repair for your backyard or garden. Just give us the material and watch us make magic.

More Services

Trash Removal​
Pressure Washing​
Flower Bed Design​
Garden Maintenance​
Irrigation Services​
Garden Fertilization​
Garden Pest & Weeds Control​
Stump Grinding​
Tree Planting & Delivery​

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